Tungsten and Molybdenum Flash Butt Welding Machine

Product Name:Tungsten and Molybdenum Flash Butt Welding Machine
Model: TMFB-1000 
Introduction: This flash welding machine is for the welding of tungsten and molybdenum alloy rods. It is equipped with a set of welding resistance controller, which has high production efficiency and good welding effect!

Duty cycle: 50%
External power supply: 380V/50Hz
Rated capacity: 400/450/650/950/1200KVA
Primary Cable Size: 3×25mm²
Maximum input current: 1200A/1500A/2000A/30000A
Maximum welding cross-sectional area: 1300mm²/2500mm²/3500mm²/6000mm²

6 major features of the machine:

This tungsten-molybdenum flash butt welding machine is mainly used for the butt joint of the end faces of the parts. Generally, the shape and cross section of the butt faces of the butt joints are required to be the same. It can be used for plates, round bars, square bars, pipe fittings and profiles. Butt joint between aluminum, brass, red copper, aluminum stranded wire, copper stranded wire, copper-aluminum stranded wire and dissimilar metals, the area that can be butted is up to 10,000 mm².
1. It has a programmable controller, and the welding quality is guaranteed.
2. It has a large screen touch control, and the operation is simple and fast.
3. It adopts PLC control, and the tungsten rod butt welding is precise.
4. It adopts a hybrid control mode to suppress welding spatter.
5. Its core parts are world-class famous brands, and the quality is guaranteed.
6. It adopts a high-rigidity fuselage structure, and the welding pressure is stable.
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