The resistance spot welding machine is equipped with a double-wheel seam welding machine for mesh

TATE seam welding machine, resistance welding machine, spot welding machine, a welding equipment designed for customers that can run continuously in the previous period, especially suitable for mesh, automobile, household appliances, barrel making, hardware and electrical industries.

Machine Features:

1. High-strength body structure;

2. The sliding contact of the electrode seat of the welding wheel adopts a special structure of silver bearing bushes to ensure low power loss and low consumption when conducting large currents;

3. The welding wheel can be selected in two ways: single-wheel drive and double-wheel drive;

4. The drive of the welding wheel adopts the frequency conversion speed regulation motor, the speed adjustment range is large, and the speed is stable;

5. The welding wheel resting device can be installed. When the welding wheel is worn, it can be rested without removing it;

6. There are two forms of vertical welding and horizontal welding, which are suitable for welding of various workpieces.

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