TATE medium frequency spot welding machine for galvanized sheet

TATE Medium Frequency Inverter DC Spot (projection) Welding Machine For Galvanized sheet welding,Stainless steel wire welding,Nut welding,Multi-point projection welding.Multi-point projection welding.Ring Forming And Welding Machine, Fan Guard Spot Welding Machine, Curtain Ring Making Machine, Steel Wire Bending Machine, Automatic Wire Bending Machine, Pneumatic Spot Welding Machine!

1. Application industry:

1. Automobile factory, stamping parts factory, sheet metal factory, hardware industry, electronic component factory, electrical appliances, stainless steel products,

2. Spot welding of aluminum plate: aluminum alloy, spot welding copper wire, spot welding braided wire, spot welding stainless steel, carbon steel spot welding.

2. Equipment features:

1. General equipment cannot be welded, aluminum/aluminum alloy, this product can be welded, and the welding appearance (surface) is beautiful.

2. 30% power saving, strong stability, low failure rate and long life

Brief introduction of TATE series medium frequency inverter spot welding machine:

TATE series medium frequency inverter spot welding machine is the current advanced welding equipment. Widely used, the welding transformer is small in size and large in output energy.

Because the frequency of the welding transformer is increased from the current 50/60HZ of the mains to 1000HZ, the weight of the iron core material can be greatly reduced.

In addition, the rectifier diode in the secondary circuit of the transformer converts the electric energy into DC power supply for the welding machine, which can greatly improve the inductance value of the secondary circuit and save more than 30% of the user’s power consumption.

The company’s medium frequency inverter spot welding machines are all digitally controlled by the human-machine interface touch screen, and the operation is simple and easy to understand. Welder performance can be extended through PC programming.

Different fixtures can be designed and matched according to customer requirements to meet the welding of various workpieces, and automated special machines can be designed and manufactured for customers to improve production efficiency.

Compared with ordinary AC resistance spot welding machine, the medium frequency inverter spot welding machine has the following characteristics:

1. High welding stability;

2. More than 30% power saving, low operating cost;

3. Three-phase power supply balanced input, power factor up to 95%;

4. Lower welding current and electrode pressure;

5. There is almost no induced energy loss in the secondary circuit;

6. The life of the electrode is more than doubled, and the grinding time of the electrode is reduced;

7. Significantly save the installation cost of power installation and auxiliary facilities such as water and gas;

8. More accurate, faster and more comprehensive control and analysis of welding parameters;

9. Shorter welding time, improve work efficiency and welding quality;

10. The welding range is wider, and the welding of low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and galvanized sheet is good.

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