Metal tube automatic crimping machine flaring machine manufacturers of China

The crimping machine is composed of a frame, an automatic lifting mechanism, and an automatic crimping mechanism. It is easy to operate, flexible to use, low in cost and high in efficiency. Working principle: Through the high-speed rotation of the workpiece, the upper and lower sides of the workpiece are squeezed and deformed to form a curling effect.

Input voltage: 380V,
Total power: 3KW,
Transmission mode: gas-liquid mixing,
Suitable thickness of processed parts: 0.4~1.0mm,
Suitable height of processed parts: within 600mm,
Diameter range of workpiece: 180~400mm,
Equipment function: crimping and flaring metal parts.
Main applications: crimping, edging, trimming, turning, crimping grooves, etc. of square and oval metal utensils
Applicable products: automobile exhaust pipes, oval disks, etc.

Photo of automatic crimping machine manufacturer
Automatic crimping machine manufacturer operating video!

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