CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Product Name: TATE CNC Laser Cutting Machine-TTLC-3015S
Working area:2030x4050MM
X-axis travel:2030MM
Y-axis travel:4050MM
Z-axis travel:120MM
X,Y positioning accuracy:±0.05/1000mm
X,Y repeat positioning accuracy:±0.03/1000mm
Max running speed:80m/min
Table load:900Kg

Product Description

Promotion Sheet Metal 2000W/3000W/4000W plate Laser Cutter Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for 10mm mild steel
1. The stability and reliability of the optical system and control system.
2. Imported original fiber laser, with high function and stability, with a life span of more than 100,000 hours.
3. Higher cutting quality and efficiency, cutting speed up to 120m/min, beautiful appearance, beautiful cutting edge.
4. German high-performance reducers, gears and racks; Japanese guide rails and ball screws.

1.Simple operation
2.Powerful and fast
3.Compact layout
4.Quick starting point, consistent success
5.Cost-effective single-cutting-head strategy
6.Short non-productive times
7.High availability

Machine Production Video

Main Configuration

Cutting Sample

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