CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Product Name: CNC Laser Cutting Machine For Plastering Trowel Putty Knife Saw Blade Kitchen Knife
Working area:1000x800MM
X-axis travel:800MM
Y-axis travel:1000MM
Z-axis travel:120MM
X,Y positioning accuracy:±0.05/1000mm
X,Y repeat positioning accuracy:±0.03/1000mm
Max running speed:80m/min
Table load:900Kg

Product Description

Automation one-stop solution

It changes the traditional punch processing method and upgrades to an automated flexible laser cutting and marking processing production line.
It can realize: automatic uncoiling and leveling of coil steel strip, precise length feeding, real-time deviation correction, laser marking, high-speed and high-precision laser cutting of workpieces, product stacking, waste collection, and environmental protection purification.
The whole process realizes an intelligent and automated one-stop solution.

Machine Production Video

Main Configuration

Cutting Sample

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