How to welding Floor Drains and Shower Head Studs? Just use TATE’s new CNC stud welding machine!

【The main technical parameters】

1. Dimensions: 1900*2000*1600mm

2. Rated power: 3KW

3. Working power supply:220V, 50HZ

4. Control power supply: DC/24V

5. Processing range: X axis 1000mm, Y axis 1000

6. Z-axis movement range: pneumatic stroke 120mm

7. Moving speed: the fastest 600mm/S

8. Positioning accuracy: ±0.1mm, repeat positioning ±0.02mm

9. Number of control axes: 2 axes

10. Drive mode: electric servo/pneumatic

11. Welding range: M3-M6, length 6-35mm

12. Welding speed: up to 50 pieces/min, welding time: 1-3ms

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