Fully automatic resistance spot welding machine for filter screen (automobile filter screen, oil filter screen, liquid filter screen spot welding machine)

Product Description

TATE Capacitor energy storage spot welding machine uses capacitors to store energy to release current in an instant, and at the same time concentrates large currents to pass through small areas to achieve welding effects (the welding process is completed in nearly one thousandth of a second, during which thousands of amperes of current are passed. ). Therefore, the heat generated during welding causes overheating oxidation or mechanical deformation of the product to be minimized. The output heat of the capacitor energy storage spot welding machine produced by our factory ranges from 380WS to 18000WS, which is especially suitable for welding copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, silver, stainless steel and other metals, so it is widely used in industrial production and manufacturing in the metal industry. .

Applicable industries

Batteries, electronics, home appliances, glasses, kitchen utensils, etc.

Machine Features

◆Wide selection: It can weld non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, silver, etc. up to 3mm, and overcome the difficulties of welding different metals such as copper and aluminum.

◆Sturdy and beautiful: The welding is firm, the solder joints are not blackened, and the grinding process is omitted. It is especially suitable for the processing of export-oriented products with high appearance requirements.

◆Energy saving and energy saving: This model has low instantaneous power taken from the power grid and high effective efficiency factor. Compared with the power frequency machine with the same welding force, the electricity consumption is only 1/7~1/10, and the use cost is low.

Control Features

◆Using high-speed charging and discharging digital voltage regulator circuit controlled by CPU chip, the number of charging and discharging per minute reaches 124 times (when set to 100V).

◆The fast logic circuit can ensure that the discharge voltage can only work at the preset value each time, so as to ensure that the welding effect will not be affected by the discharge that does not reach the preset value during high-frequency welding work.

◆Digitally adjust the storage voltage, adjustable from 0 to 425V (up to 475V), and can be adjusted up or down from 1V accurately.

◆Accurate digital circuit can control the voltage regulation error to be less than ±0.5%.

◆Double overvoltage protection circuit can ensure that the charging voltage does not exceed the preset safety standard to protect the capacitor.

◆Built-in and preset 0.1S discharge safety time

◆ LCD display counter.

◆Simple button digital control panel.

Main configuration

◆Using Japan’s NCC (NCC), the original MARCON energy storage type emergency charging and discharging capacitor, has fast discharge speed and stable performance.

◆Using West German SEMIKRON thyristor, high precision, long life, and high stability control of current size.

◆Using American Motorola IC, with fast response and stable performance.

◆Adopt Taiwan pneumatic parts with reliable performance.

◆The electrical components used are all Japanese Omron components, and the service life and performance are very ideal.

technical parameter

Input voltage: 220V/1Φ or 3800V/1Φ

Input power: 5KVA

Heat output: 3000ws

Electric capacity: 27000uf

Pressurized pressure: 350kg

Stroke: 80mm

Closing size: 145mm~225mm

Platform distance: 250mm

Electrode distance: 320mm~420mm

Cooling water: 2Lit/Min

Machine size:

   Main body of welding machine: length 850mm×width 450mm×height 1580mm

   Control box: length 720mm × width 460mm × height 1300mm

Machine weight:

   Welder body: 380kg

   Control box: 200kg

Welding ability

Aluminum: 1.6mm×2piece

Copper: 1.6mm×2piece

Mild steel: 1.8mm×2piece

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