Plastering Trowel Semi-Automatic Stud Welding Machine

Product Name:TATE Plastering Trowel Automatic Stud Welding Machine
Model: TTSAM-900 
Introduction: It can automatically weld the studs on the plastering trowel. It has good welding precision and high production efficiency! After welding, the stud will not fall off for life!
OEM/ODM Available!
Input voltage:AC220V±10%
Air pressure:0.6MPa
Welding studs range: 3mm-8mm
Weldable material:Spring steel, high carbon steel, manganese steel, stainless steel.
Max. operating speed X-/Y-axis:500mm/s
Repeat positioning accuracy:±0.1mm
Feeder stud loading capacity:2000pcs
Trowel size specifications:Customized on demand
Production efficiency (weld studs per hour):1200pcs
Operation and programming:10-inch touch screen display
Motor technology/drive:Servo motors

This welding machine is used for automatic welding of studs on plastering trowel.
It has high welding efficiency and good quality!
1. The welding machine uses energy storage capacitors to charge and discharge, the welding speed is fast, and the pressure can be quickly compensated and maintained at the moment of discharge. The power supply is a DC welding power supply, with little spatter during welding, reliable quality and beautiful weld seam.
2. Quick-welding cylinder with a maximum stroke of 50mm, which has excellent characteristics such as high efficiency, stability, reliability, instantaneous compensation, and pressurization.
3. In order to ensure the overall performance of the equipment and the welding quality of the product, all the core parts of the machine are made of internationally renowned brands. The product quality is high-quality and reliable, and they are all special accessories for stud welding.
4. Its welding accuracy can reach 0.1mm.
5. Its welding speed can reach 3s per stud.

【Main Composition】
The equipment is mainly composed of:
1. Machine frame;
2. Welding power supply;
3. Isolation transformer;
4. X, Z two-axis module;
5. CNC stud welding torch;
6. Six-axis CNC system,
7. Automatic stud (bolt) feeder,
8. Cylinder, sensor and other main components.

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