automatic spot welding machine for Barbecue net (TATE spot welding machine)manufacturers in China Korea Japan India Singapore Turkey Brazil

The new 2022 automatic spot welding machine can weld barbecue nets and various metal meshes, forming one-time welding without secondary processing.
This automatic spot welding machine is sold to: France, Malaysia, Thailand, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, England, Monaco, Scotland, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, India, Vietnam, Philippines, New Zealand.

Metal meshes produced by TATE automatic resistance welding machines are widely used in:at express way, sport fields,golf,park,villa,farm.etc. Our metal mesh welder applies

Microcomputer controlling technology by Mitsubishi PLC. Metal mesh: can be used on fence welding of high way, railway, tennis court, palestra. farm.etc.
Hardware: can be used on welding of all kinds of electroplate,paint shelf,exhibition shelf,barbecue mesh,etc.
Storage shelf: can be used on shelt welding of heavy goods shelf. warehouse cage, shopping cart,etc.

The use of advanced PLC and flexible man-machine interface controlling and the precise servo motor driving system makes it available on continuous automatically feeding and welding It is With front and back two layers table, so when one layer lable is in welding work,the other can be used to place the work piece. then change the work after welding. It effectively improve the work efficiency. and also it can weld the different specification of metal mesh conveniently through adjusting the man-machine interface.


For more videos on the use of automatic spot welding machines, please click here!

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