Automatic crimping machine manufacturer and suppliers of China!

The manufacturer and supplier of the automatic flanging and crimping machine is from China. The new flanging machine has high production efficiency and can save a lot of labor costs.
Model: HJ2-46B-1238
Input voltage: 380V,
Total power: 3KW,
Transmission mode: gas-liquid mixing,
Suitable thickness of processed parts: 0.4~1.0mm,
Suitable height of processed parts: within 600mm,
Diameter range of workpiece: 180~400mm,
Equipment function: necking and flanging of metal products.

Machine application:
The automatic crimping machine is widely used in the production of metal barrels, metal cylinders, water tanks, kitchen utensils, pots, thermos cups, thermos bottles, etc.

Automatic crimping machine production operation video!

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