Steel tube flash butt welding machine

Product Name:Steel tube flash butt welding machine
Model: UNS-63/80/100/200/400
Introduction: It can directly weld square tubes and round tubes together, and is used in: auto parts, metal furniture, daily hardware.

Duty cycle: 20%
External power supply: 380V/50Hz
Rated capacity: 63/80/100/200/400KVA
Primary Cable Size: 3×16mm²-3×105mm²
Maximum input current: 1200A/1500A/2000A/30000A
Maximum welding cross-sectional area: 1300mm²/2500mm²/3500mm²/6000mm²

Remarks: The specific machine parameters can be customized according to the customer’s product requirements

4 major features of the machine:

This equipment can directly weld square pipes or round pipes with different direct and wall thicknesses together. It adopts a new flash welding process, manual loading and unloading, and one-key operation for automatic welding to ensure that the welding seam is free from defects such as slag inclusion and pores and can be Ensure that the quality of the steel pipe is close to or reaches the quality of the integrally formed steel pipe through ultrasonic flaw detection.
1. The latest technology, stable quality

It adopts the latest flash welding process, which is different from ordinary butt welding equipment. The welding process is more advanced, and the quality of the manufactured products is more stable.

2. Special welding structure to ensure consistent external conditions of welding

For steel pipes with square and round pipes with different diameters, we have designed a special structure to ensure that all external conditions are consistent before welding, and to ensure the stability of product quality and product quality.

3. No pores and slag after welding

Its welding seam is stable and high in strength, which can reach the strength of the base metal. After welding, ultrasonic non-destructive testing, there is no welding slag with pores, can meet various strict requirements.

4. Automatic monitoring of welding quality, product yield is guaranteed

Its welding process and other valid data can be set and automatically monitored, to judge whether the welding quality of the product is qualified at the source, and to ensure that the product qualification rate is over 99%.

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