SS Galvanized Sheet Nut Spot Welding Machine-TADB-320

Product Name: Single head nut spot welding machine
Model: TADB-320 
Introduction: Nut projection welding and bolt projection welding of high-strength steel and thermoformed steel in the automobile manufacturing industry, and can also be applied to nuts, projection welding and bolt projection welding of low-carbon steel plates, stainless steel plates, and galvanized plates in other industries.

Temporary load rate: 20%
External power supply: 380V/φ/50Hz
Rated capacity: 320KVA
Primary Cable Size: 3×35
Maximum short-circuit current: 52KA
Welding cylinder specification: φ200×100
Maximum working pressure: 15000N
Electrode stroke: 100MM
Cooling water flow: 15L/MIN

5 major features of the machine:

1. Power supply can be selected arbitrarily.

The intermediate frequency and energy storage power sources can be selected and customized according to the welding needs. The DC power source can realize projection welding of ordinary materials, galvanized sheets, stainless steel sheets, thermoforming steel, high-strength steel and nuts.

2. High welding precision

Using microcomputer controller or PLC control, it has high control precision and rich technological functions, and can realize various welding specifications to achieve different welding effects.

3. energy saving

This equipment is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Compared with the AC projection welding machine, it can save energy by about 30%.

4. Nuts do not need back teeth

The equipment has good rigidity and stability, all projection welding spatter is small, and the welding nut does not return teeth.

5. Machine advantage

As the current mainstream nut projection welding machine, the single-head nut spot welding machine is cost-effective. Its excellent DC characteristics greatly expand the process performance and welding ability of the resistance welding machine. With the maturity and improvement of equipment manufacturing technology and technology, Gradually, it has been unanimously recognized by customers in various industries, and has become the primary consideration for new equipment for welding nuts in various industries.

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