Servo Pressurized IF Inverter Spot Welding Machine

Product Name:Servo Pressurized IF Inverter Spot Welding Machine
Model: TADB-260
Introduction: Spot welding and multi-point projection welding of low carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, galvanized plate, aluminum plate, wire rod.

Temporary load rate: 20%
External power supply: 380V/50Hz
Rated capacity: 260KVA
Primary cable specification: 3×25mm²
Maximum short-circuit current: 59KA
Specification of welding cylinder: φ160×100
Maximum working pressure: 10000N
Electrode stroke: 100MM
Cooling water flow: 16L/MIN

5 major features of the machine:

1.It Can Effectively Suppress Splashes.

The continuous heat supply generated by the straight output current of the intermediate frequency welding machine makes the temperature of the nugget rise continuously, and at the same time, the precise current rising slope and time control will not cause spatter due to thermal jumps and uncontrollable current rising time.

2.Short Power-On Time, High Thermal Efficiency, Beautiful Welding Shape

The intermediate frequency inverter spot welding machine has a flat output welding current, which ensures the high-efficiency and continuous supply of welding heat. The power-on time is short, reaching the millisecond level, which makes the welding heat-affected zone small and the solder joints beautiful.

3.High Control Precision

Due to the high operating frequency (usually 1-4KHz) of the frequency spot welder, the feedback control accuracy is 20-80 times that of the general AC spot welder and the secondary rectifier spot welder, and the corresponding output control accuracy is also very high.

4.Energy Saving And Lower Production Costs

Due to the high thermal efficiency, small welding transformer and small iron loss, the inverter welding machine can save energy by more than 30% compared with the AC spot welding machine and the secondary rectifier spot welding machine when welding the same workpiece.

5.Three-Phase Power Input, Small Impact On The Grid, No Need For Additional Power Compensation Equipment

It is more energy-saving than AC spot welding machine and has less impact on the power grid, which greatly reduces the fluctuating load of the power grid and saves a lot of production costs.

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