Rebar butt welding slag scraper

Product Name:Rebar butt welding slag scraper machine
Model: Customized on demand
Introduction: It can be matched with the automatic discharge of steel bars to realize butt welding, slag scraping, hoop bending, and cutting flow operations without manual intervention.

Duty cycle: 50%
External power supply: 380V/50Hz
Rated capacity: 400/450/650/950/1200KVA
Primary Cable Size: 3×25
Maximum input current: 1200A/1500A/2000A/30000A
Maximum welding cross-sectional area: 1300mm²/2500mm²/3500mm²/6000mm²

5 major features of the machine:

TATE steel bar butt welding slag scraping machine can also be used in the butt welding slag scraping market of other wire rods, which can improve the utilization rate of wire rods, reduce waste and improve work efficiency. We can customize it according to different usage scenarios and needs.
1. It can automatically identify the head and tail of the steel bar, and automatically locate it in the center, and automatically scrape the slag from the butt welding of the steel bar.
2. This machine is one-piece movable and equipped with a cooling water tank.
3. This machine has good welding slag protection.
4. This machine can call the welding specification with one click, and adapt to the butt welding of steel bars of different diameters.
5. This machine can be customized according to the length and working height limit to match other equipment.
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