Metal Gasket Flash Butt Welding Machine

Product Name:Metal Gasket Flash Butt Welding Machine
Introduction: It can directly weld metal gaskets of different thicknesses and lengths together, with high production efficiency and good welding effect.

Duty cycle: 50%
External power supply: 380V/φ/50Hz
Rated capacity: 80/100/125
Maximum input current: 200A/260A/330A
Maximum welding cross-sectional area: 60mm²/100mm²/150mm²

4 major features of the machine:

TATE metal gasket automatic flash butt welding machine is an automatic flash butt welding machine customized according to customer requirements. According to the welding particularity of metal gaskets, our engineers adopt a new special process to meet customer requirements, with high yield and ensure There are no pores and cracks after welding, the rhythm is fast, the efficiency is high, the production cost is reduced, and the environmental protection requirements are met.
1. High welding yield, no pores and cracks after welding

The TUNS-125 servo flash butt welding machine we selected, through the self-developed variable frequency flash welding machine control system and servo top forging mechanism, can heat the metal gasket to a plastic state in a very short time, and through the great top forging force It is butted together to ensure that no pores and cracks are generated after fusion, and the welding yield reaches 99.9%.

2. High production efficiency, the production time of each product is about 5 seconds

Our flash butt welding machine greatly improves the production efficiency through technological improvement. Through manual placement, automatic clamping and burning welding, the overall welding time is greatly shortened, and the production time of a single product is controlled within 5 seconds. , the efficiency is 300% higher than the old production process.

3. Low production cost, about 40% lower cost than the old process

This equipment is a semi-automatic butt welding machine. General workers can be employed after simple training, and no welding wire and solder are added during the welding process, which reduces the production cost by 40% compared with the existing old process.

4. The production process is pollution-free, and the environmental protection can meet the standards

This equipment does not produce strong arc light and a large amount of smoke, because the workpiece itself is heated and melted by resistance, only flash burning, and the equipment is equipped with a cover, which leads the vent to the smoke removal channel to ensure that no smoke leaks from the equipment.

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