Hot Formed Steel Double Heads Nut Spot Welder

Product Name: Double head nut spot welding machine
Model: TDHW610
Introduction: This machine adopts a single power supply double head structure, which can weld two nuts at one time, with high production efficiency and good welding effect.

Rated capacity: 100KVA
External power supply: 380V/3φ/50HZ
Maximum primary current: 152A
Maximum short-circuit current: 170KA
Rated load rate: 50%
Welding cylinder: φ300*150
Maximum working pressure: 34000N
Cooling water consumption: 10L/MIN

4 major features of the machine:

1. Technology upgrade to meet customer needs

The TADR-20000J double-head capacitor energy storage projection welding machine we selected has DC output, extremely high peak value, and extremely short discharge time. It can break through the aluminum-silicon coating of the thermoforming plate and achieve a strong and standardized welding effect, which fully meets the requirements of the A-pillar and Welding requirements for center channel nuts.

2. One machine can be compatible with various specifications of products

This machine adopts a single power supply double head structure, a set of large cylinder head, a set of small cylinder head, the big head is used for M10-M14 nut welding, the small head is used for M6-M10 nut welding, one equipment All products are covered and the investment budget is met.

3. avoid work injury

This machine adds a nut conveyor, which only takes 0.5 seconds to convey the nut without manual intervention, avoiding the risk of pressing hands, and the rhythm is increased by 20%.

4. Equipped with quality inspection system

A sensor is added to detect the in-position of the nut, and the counting function and in-position reset function are added in the system to ensure that the set number of welding is completed before entering the next process, avoiding the risk of leakage and leakage.

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