Copper and aluminum row flash butt welding machine

Product Name:Copper and aluminum row flash butt welding machine
Model: TAUNS-300 (Customized)
Introduction: It can directly weld the copper bar and the aluminum bar together, with high production efficiency and good welding effect.

Duty cycle: 50%
External power supply: 380V/50Hz
Rated capacity: 300KVA
Primary Cable Size: 3×25mm²
Maximum input current: 1200A
Maximum welding cross-sectional area: 2250mm²

4 major features of the machine:

The flash butt welding machine for copper and aluminum strips is a butt welding machine specially developed by TATE Group for welding copper and aluminum strips according to customer requirements, intelligent control system, intelligent inspection and quality control, etc. It can switch products of different specifications with one button touch, which is simple and fast, and has high welding efficiency. , High yield, reduce material waste, and solve the troubles of mechanical cam control being difficult to adjust and inaccurate.
1. Special intelligent control system, high stability

According to the process requirements of the workpiece, the equipment has developed a special welding system. Each welding process is controlled by a microcomputer, which can achieve one-key welding, and the parameters will not be affected by its own factors. The speed is fast and the stability is high, and the efficiency is higher than the original 200% increase.

2. Automatic monitoring of welding quality, if there is poor welding, alarm reminder

Each key parameter is equipped with a monitor, which can monitor the welding data of each welding workpiece online. If there is a defect, it will automatically alarm abnormally to ensure that the defective product does not flow into the client, ensure the welding quality, and reduce unnecessary compensation losses.

3. One-key touch to switch programs, simple and fast

All program control of the equipment, touch screen debugging, workers can get started with one or two hours of training, which is simple and fast.

4. One machine can meet the welding of products of different specifications

When you need to weld different product specifications, you can switch the program with one key, call it arbitrarily, which is convenient and fast, and can meet the welding of various specifications such as 3*30 to 15*150, and get rid of the trouble of poor mechanical cam control and inaccurate adjustment.

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