Auto Chassis Tower Automatic Nut Spot Welder-TANS

Product Name: Auto Nut Spot Welding Machine
Model: TANS
Introduction: The automobile nut spot welding machine has the characteristics of high welding strength, fast efficiency, no extrusion of nut welding, automation, and avoidance of work injuries.

Rated capacity: 100KVA
External power supply: 380V/3φ/50HZ
Maximum primary current: 152A
Maximum short-circuit current: 170KA
Rated load rate: 50%
Welding cylinder: φ300*150
Maximum working pressure: 34000N
Cooling water consumption: 10L/MIN

4 major features of the machine:

1. High welding strength

The TADB-250 medium frequency inverter DC spot projection welding machine we selected has full-wave rectification, DC output, high peak value and fast rise. It is one of the most advanced power sources at present. , to ensure the welding strength, the thrust test is more than 6800N, which meets the requirements of Volkswagen projection welding.

2. Beautiful appearance after welding

Through 3D simulation and matching of positioning pins, the nut hole is fully sealed, and then the air blowing function is added to the lower electrode. During welding, compressed air is charged into the inside of the nut, and a small amount of metal extrudate is burned in a very short time to ensure screw-tooth welding. No extrudate after.

3. Fast welding speed and high efficiency

The two sets of fixtures are integrated into a set of composite fixtures through 3D simulation, and the positioning method is changed by the latch when changing the product, so there is no need to replace the fixture, which greatly reduces the downtime.

4. Welding can be automated

The automatic nut feeding system is added, and the manual nut placement is changed to vibrating plate conveying and automatic feeding, and the nut gun is directly shot to the station to avoid manual intervention and crushing of the fingers and achieve safety effects.

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