Auto Chassis Nut Automatic Spot Welding Machine-ANSW

Product Name: Automobile chassis tower intermediate frequency nut automatic welding machine
Model: ANSW 
Introduction: This machine adopts a new special process to achieve strong and standardized welding effect. It has the characteristics of high welding strength, fast efficiency, no extrusion of nut welding, automation, and avoidance of work injuries.

Rated capacity: 100KVA
External power supply: 380V/3φ/50HZ
Maximum primary current: 152A
Maximum short-circuit current: 170KA
Rated load rate: 50%
Welding cylinder: φ300*150
Maximum working pressure: 34000N
Cooling water consumption: 10L/MIN

6 major features of the machine:

1. The device has strong compatibility.

According to the workpiece and size provided by the customer, our welding technicians and R&D engineers discuss together and optimize the selected model based on the original JK based on the different components and welding requirements of each product: TDR-30000, and according to each product Design and customize different welding positioning fixtures, one machine can weld the threshold and the A-pillar nut projection welding, and all use the welding machine control method, which can be interlocked with the workpiece, and the wrong program or the wrong workpiece welding machine cannot be welded. Improve the fastness of the product after welding and improve the welding efficiency.

2. High yield of finished products

The welding power source adopts energy storage welding power source, which has short discharge time, fast climbing speed, and DC output. The welding cycle of the equipment is 3S/time, which solves the problem of post-welding fastness of the product and ensures welding quality. The finished product rate after welding is 99.99% above.

3. Automatic feeding nut, intelligent leakage detection, avoid leakage welding

The nut electrode automatically moves to the welding position, and counts the number of nuts in the welding workpiece. If there is leakage of welding, the equipment will automatically alarm, whether the welding quality is qualified and all parameters can be exported, and the error can be reversed. The equipment will automatically alarm and connect with the scrap system. Reduce labor intensity, ensure the safety of operators, and solve the problem of missing welding.

4. The equipment has stable performance and can be connected to the ERP system

The equipment adopts all imported core components, and the welding power source of the equipment adopts international brands and Siemens PLC and uses the control system independently developed by our company, network bus control, fault self-diagnosis, to ensure the reliability and stability of the equipment, and the whole welding process can be traced. And can be docked with ERP system.

5. Solve the problem that it is difficult to remove the material after welding

Our equipment adopts an automatic stripping structure. After the welding is completed, the workpiece can be automatically stripped by the tooling to solve the problem of difficult welding stripping.

6. Intelligent manufacturing improves production efficiency

The equipment is highly intelligent, it can automatically identify whether the workpiece is placed, whether the jig is in place, automatically check the welding quality of the nut, and automatically remove the material. The rhythm of welding a nut is 3S, with high efficiency, and the production capacity has been increased from 800 pieces per shift to the present 1100 pieces per class.

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