auto crimping machine


  • It can crimp all kinds of metal round pipes and square pipes.
  • High degree of automation and simple operation.
  • The production efficiency is high and the effect is good, saving labor costs.
  • The equipment is easy to adjust and the production cycle is short.
  • The mold is easy to replace, and one machine is multi-purpose.
  • Widely used in: rice cookers, electric kettles, electric water heaters, water heaters, electric steam ovens, electric fryer, washing machines, water purifiers, steamer soup buckets, noodle cooking buckets, pressure cookers, plate ovens, panel frying pans, thermos flasks , Trash cans, beauty mirrors, toothpick bottles, round table beer barrels, stainless steel wine barrels, paint barrels, fan lights, lampshades, car silencers, gas meters and other industries.

Technical Parameter

  • Input voltage: 380V
  • Total power: 3KW
  • Transmission mode: gas-liquid mixing
  • Suitable thickness of processed parts: 0.3~1.0mm
  • Suitable height of processed parts: within 300、
  • Diameter range of workpiece: 50~400mm
  • Equipment function: curling

※Key point: This equipment is widely used, you can contact us for non-standard customization according to your product requirements.

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