AC Nut Welding Machine-AC1000

Product Name: AC Nut Welding Machine
Model: AC1000 
Introduction: The AC nut projection welding machine is the earliest nut welding model, replacing the inefficient carbon dioxide welding method. The vertical pressure of the cylinder is adopted, and the adjustment of welding pressure, welding current and welding time is simple and convenient, and the output of the welding transformer is AC type.

Rated capacity: 25-200KVA(Custom made)
External power supply: 380V/3φ/50HZ
Maximum primary current: 152A
Maximum short-circuit current: 170KA
Rated load rate: 50%
Welding cylinder: φ300*150
Maximum working pressure: 12000N(Max)
Cooling water consumption: 10L/MIN

8 major features of the machine:

1. High-precision slide-type motion mechanism
2. Stable pressurizing mechanism welding current.
3. Non-contact switch adjustment.
4. High-level microcontroller fast control.
5. Constant current, constant voltage output adjustable closed-loop control.
6. Overload and voltage shortage automatic protection · 18 groups of welding parameter storage
7. Output current monitoring
8. Computer remote control
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