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Welcome to TATE Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

More than 30 years of experience

We offer you the following equipments:
【Stud Welding Machine Series】
— Manual stud welder
—Semi-automatic stud welding machine
—Fully automatic stud welding machine
— Trowel Stud Welder
—Non-Stick Pan Cookware Handle Stud Welder

【Laser Machine Series】
—Laser Cutting Machine
—Laser Welding Machine
—Laser Cleaning Machine
—Laser Marking Machine

【Spot Welding Machine Series】
—Intermediate frequency spot welding machine
—Energy storage spot welder
—Flash butt welder
—Automatic spot welding production line
※Reduce Costs With Factory Direct Sourcing.
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Get your free design

Design And Manufacture Automatic Stud Welding Machine,Automatic Laser Machine, Automatic Spot Welding And Other Equipment For You Free Of Charge.


Our Specialization

We have a professional design, processing, production, debugging and quality inspection team to ensure the quality of each machine.


There is a demand for products.


Design products according to requirements.

Quality inspection

Debug and inspect the product.

Communication requirements

Communicate product requirements.


Processing and production equipment.

Pack and ship

Package the equipment and ship it to you.

What Our customers Say

Thanks to our customers for their appreciation and recognition of our design level, product quality and after-sales service.

Their CNC laser cutting machine has a high cost-effectiveness and has been tested on-site with great satisfaction. We have been cooperating for many years..
Technical Director
Their automatic stud welding machine has high welding efficiency and good results, which is very satisfactory. But it was too far to come and inspect.
Matthew Fox​
Metal panel processing plant
The precision and quality of the products made by this automated equipment are very good and fully meet our requirements.
John Doe
Auto parts manufacturer

Our Recent Projects

Our automation equipment is widely used in: chassis cabinets, sheet metal parts, auto parts, shipbuilding, household appliances, kitchen utensils, bathrooms.

Automatic Stud Welding Production Line For Chassis Cabinet Industry


Auto parts spot welding machine production line


Trowel/Putty Knife CNC Laser Cutting Machine Project


Flash Butt Welder Round/Square tube butt welding machine


Plastering Trowel Automatic Welding Project


Non-Stick Frying Pan Cookware Handle Stud Welding Machine Project


Our Expert Team

We have an energetic team, with dedicated teams responsible for product pre-sales, post-sales and quality inspection.
“Perfect quality” runs through every link of the factory to ensure that every piece of equipment is a high-quality product.

huaguan Wang

Vice President

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